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The Best Templates for a Fashion Website

In the twenty-first century, every business, project, or personal venture needs a website to share vital information and build interest. If you are looking for the best free fashion website templates, Boxmode is for you. Having an appealing website is an important way of staying in touch with your target audience and presenting a modern and stylish image. You can do all of these with the right website builder.

Website Templates for Every Fashion Business

Although there are many different website templates available, it is best to find one that is specific to your genre, with the features, services, and design that is most appropriate. Boxmode not only provides website templates for the fashion industry, but we also have templates specific to different areas within fashion, including the following:

  • Fashion designer website templates
  • Fashion store website templates
  • Fashion stylist website templates
  • Fashion photography website templates
  • Fashion jewelry website templates
  • Fashion e-commerce website templates

With Boxmode, you can choose from various templates and demo each one before you start. There is no need to download any software, and you can choose our free plan, which includes a Bomode domain, 1GB storage, and customer support.

For extra features, you can go for our paid plans, which also include a free custom domain, extra storage, options to remove all advertising, use analytic tools and add custom code.

Building a website with Boxmode is easy, quick, and affordable. You can get started right away!

The Advantages of Fashion Website Templates

There are different reasons to create a fashion website template with Boxmode. Here are just some of the benefits that we have to offer:

  • Perfect for fashion companies

    Our fashion website templates have been designed with fashion in mind, which means they are already geared up to meet your needs. They will save you the workload of creating a website in this genre.

  • Fully customizable

    Although we have created most of the website for you, we have left the critical design components up to your discretion, so you can personalize your website and make it unique. After choosing your theme and layout, you will have complete control to bring your own style and add content.

  • Easy to build

    While programming takes a specialist, building a website with Boxmode does not require any special skills, such as writing HTML or CSS. You only need to upload content and use the intuitive website editor.

  • Amazing design

    Our fashion website templates deliver a gorgeous, engaging, and accessible design for visitors to follow. Our designers are skilled in creating website templates that are well suited for a particular niche or industry.

  • Wide range of features

    It is challenging to design and build websites with all the required features and functionality, which is why we have done it for you. We have anticipated the elements that may be useful to you, and we have provided them for your convenience. But if you need to add or remove anything, you also can do this easily.

  • Mobile responsive

    All of our website templates are fully mobile responsive, so when your customers view the site on different platforms or devices, it will still look excellent.

  • SEO and marketing tools

    To drive extra traffic to your website, we provide a range of SEO and marketing tools that will help.

Website Templates for Businesses in the Fashion Industry

Our fashion website templates provide various options for businesses and projects in the fashion sector. Our template collection is also constantly updated with new themes and designs added regularly. This means there is enough variety for you to choose the most suitable, and then add your own content and personal style.

Fashion Digest

This template uses a stark juxtaposition of elements and whitespace to create a stylish backdrop to your fashion features and content. It is primarily aimed at fashion magazines or news outlets in the fashion industry, but it could also be suitable for other fashion projects. The homepage is divided into many sections that can be used for news stories, blogs, and articles, with space for a prominent central image and brand logo. Fashion Digest is modern, clean, and creative, with a beautiful and comfortable design.

Fashion Brand

This fashion website template has everything that a fashion brand needs as a central location for marketing and promotion. The different content sections have space for an introduction to the brand and the company, collections in your portfolio, news of industry events, testimonials, and blog posts preview. There are also elements for a gallery of images and store locations, with an iframe map and a “contact us” form. The website template is smooth and sleek, and it has a unique style that can be easily noticed and remembered.

Jewelry Store

The Jewelry Store website template is specially designed for jewelry stores that are looking for an online presentation that will be remembered. This template puts emphasis on the jewelry products and accessories, so there are many image frames of different sizes with captions and price placeholders. There is also space for videos, testimonials, blog posts, photos, and company info. In addition to the home page, you have the option to create extra pages for any additional information. Jewelry Store is smart and presentable, with a well designed and user-friendly layout.