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Are you a freelancer? Present your freelance services at their best with an appealing website

Create your portfolio website using the Boxmode website builder for freelancers. No coding required.

The Boxmode freelance website builder main features


Intuitive drag and drop

Create your freelancer website easily and fast by dragging and dropping necessary elements on the canvas.


Collection of widgets

Make your site functional and user-friendly using Boxmode’s widgets, including Navigation Menu, Gallery, Form, and others.


SEO settings

Increase your online visibility by optimizing the site. Specify the pages’ meta titles and descriptions, add keywords, and many more.

Why do you need a freelance website?

All serious freelancers need a website. Photographers, designers, web developers, copywriters, writers, marketers, and others can use their sites as a digital storefront.

Having a website makes you look not just a hobby freelancer but a professional. Your site presents who you are, what you do, and who you work with. You can:

  • Promote your services to a wider audience;
  • Build your personal brand;
  • Save on fees and set your own rates;
  • Attract high-paying clients.

Create a Boxmode-based website with About Me, Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, and Credentials (experience and achievements) pages easily and quickly.

How can you create a freelance WYSIWYG website with Boxmode?

  1. Sign up with Boxmode.
  2. Select a pre-designed template or a blank theme (if you want to design your website from scratch) and start a new project.
  3. Customize the pages by adding content blocks to the canvas.
  4. Adjust the general and SEO settings of your freelance website.
  5. Preview and publish it.

Benefits of the Boxmode freelance website builder:

  • Free to use. Boxmode is an affordable website builder for any freelance business. With our Starter plan, you get a toolset for creating a simple website that includes a free Boxmode domain, pre-made templates, and basic SEO tools.
  • Simplicity. The Boxmode website builder has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, so you can easily find the required widgets and settings.
  • Speedy. You can get a ready website in a few hours and start to attract potential clients.
  • Scalability. You can create a landing page as well as a full-sized multi-page website, manage it, and add or delete pages with the development of your car dealership business.


  • What pricing plans does Boxmode offer?

Boxmode offers Starter, a free pricing plan, and Lite and Growth, paid pricing plans. You can find more information on our pricing page.

  • Can I add my logo to the website?

Yes, you can change a logo in the website’s settings.

  • Can I use the Boxmode drag and drop website builder offline?

Boxmode is an online tool, so you can’t use it offline.

  • How many sites can I create with Boxmode?

You can build an unlimited number of sites on the Boxmode platform.