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Create a website that will help your nonprofit flourish online

How can you do that? Use powerful functionality of the Boxmode website builder for nonprofits and charity organizations. With this do-it-yourself tool, you can easily build informative pages andinspire people to become your donators.

Make your website well-designed and visually appealing with the Boxmode templates for charity organizations and nonprofits

They are designed specifically for nonprofits’ needs. Customize a template and tell your story and mission, show your charity causes and projects, and inform visitors about your latest news.

Get the most out of the Boxmode website builder for nonprofits


Simple content editor

Design page layout and add entertaining and informative content to your website using a convenient, multi-functional editor.


Drag and drop widgets

Structure your website with the Navigation Menu, Header, Footer widgets. Add video and image elements, a donation button, a map, and a contact form to your nonprofit organization’s website.


SEO functionality

Optimize your website pages according to search engines’ rules by specifying the pages’ meta tags, setting robots.txt and site.xml files, and adding relevant keywords and canonical links to the pages.


Domain management

The Boxmode charity builder allows you to create a secure domain with a branded extension, connect your domain name or buy a unique domain with one of the 30+ domain extensions.



Build fully responsive landing pages and view how they will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile before launching.


Domain mapping

Browse the collection of industry-specific templates and pick the one that matches your specific needs.

Get the most out of the Boxmode website builder for nonprofits

To broaden your reach and expand your database of potential donators, you need to use innovative methods. A robust online presence is an effective solution for your nonprofits to increase awareness of the audience and receive donations. Having an optimized website, you can inform users about your charity organization, causes, and results of your work in an emotional way and inspire them to support you.
An attractive nonprofit website is a great platform for building relationships with advocates and volunteers. By sharing it on social media, you can provide people with access to get more information about your organization and grow their interest in investing in it.
Through your website, you can also educate visitors about charity and the ways how they can сontribute to your projects.

How to create an effective nonprofit website in no time?

To build a modern nonprofit website and benefit from it, follow these five steps:
  1. Create your Boxmode account.
  2. Start a new project by selecting a suitable pre-designed template or a blank theme if you want to create your website from scratch.
  3. Design the pages and add visual and textual content to them in a drag-and-drop editor.
  4. Adjust SEO and social media settings of each page.
  5. Check your website’s mobile responsiveness.
  6. Set up your website’s domain name and publish it.

Benefits of creating your charity website with Boxmode

  • Free to use. Save money on creating a site for your organization with the Boxmode nonprofit website builder. Our Starter free plan offers many tools, such as free Boxmode domain, ready-to-use templates, basic SEO settings, and customer-oriented support for getting an appealing website.
  • User-friendly. You can easily find specific settings, elements, and technical documentation if necessary, thanks to the intuitive interface of the Boxmode charity website builder.
  • Speedy. Use our template library and find your dream template for your nonprofit website. Customize it according to your organization’s purposes and get a ready website in nothing flat.
  • No coding skills required. With Boxmode, you can create a beautiful website even if you’re not a professional developer. Drag and drop the elements on the pages, specify the website’s settings, and launch your nonprofit website online.
  • FAQs about Boxmode nonprofit website builder

    • Can I buy a domain name with the .org extension from Boxmode?

    You can get a domain with the .org extension, as well as choose one of the other 30+ available options directly through your dashboard.

    • Can I create a website for my nonprofit health organization on Boxmode?

    Yes, you can use one of our medical pre-made templates or create a website from scratch with the Boxmode medical website builder.

    • Does the Boxmode charity website builder have paid options?

    We offer free (Starter) and paid (Lite and Growth) pricing plans. They differ from each other by available tools.

    • What elements can I add to my nonprofit website by using Boxmode?

    You can create a website by adding various elements, such as:

    - images and videos;

    - a donation button;

    - a slideshow gallery;

    - a contact form;

    - textual blocks with headings, paragraphs and quotes;

    - a header and a footer.