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Create your fundraising website  to inspire people to give 

With the Boxmode website builder for donation projects,

you can build complete sites as well as landing pages in a few clicks.

Boxmode donation website builder includes all necessary features, such as:


Drag and drop editor

If you want to make changes in a pre-designed template or create a donation website from scratch, you can do that by dragging and dropping elements and widgets on the canvas.


Customizable widgets

Add functionality to your site with the help of the Boxmode widgets, such as Form, Footer, Header, Navigation Menu, and others.


Gallery option

Improve your fundraising organization’s reputation by showing what you’re taking donations for. Insert galleries with beautiful photos into your site.


Donation button

Provide supporters with an easy way to donate by adding donation buttons throughout the pages.


Responsive view

Ensure your donation site looks perfect on different screens (desktop, tablet, and mobile) to provide a great user experience.


SEO settings

Optimize your site and increase its rankings on search engines with Boxmode, a free donation website builder.

Why do you need a donation website?

A donation website is a platform where you can fundraise for a specific goal. It can be a place for collecting:

  • personal and family donations (for example, for the wedding or education);
  • school donations;
  • political donations;
  • ecology campaigns (for example, animal or rainforest protection), and so on.

Whatever your goal is, your donation website should look modern and user-friendly. Let visitors know your unique story and mission on the About page and add attractive photos as proof of your activities. Also, you can create a Financials page where you report your financial costs. Having a blog, you will be able to educate people about crowdfunding and the ways to donate.

Moreover, you can embed an online store in your site and sell brand merchandise to raise extra funds.

How to create a donation website with the Boxmode nonprofit website builder?

Follow these steps:

1. Sign in to Boxmode and create your account.

2. Scroll through all the available templates and pick the suitable one or start with a blank template.

3. Customize the content on the pages.

4. Set the project’s general and SEO adjustments.

5. Choose a domain name and publish your website online.

Benefits of using Boxmode for a donation website

  • Free to use. Get a full-fledged donation website using our Starter free plan. It includes many practical tools, such as a free Boxmode domain, ready-to-use templates, basic SEO settings, and customer support.
  • User-friendly. You can easily find specific settings, elements, and technical documentation if necessary, thanks to the intuitive interface of the Boxmode personal website builder.
  • Speedy. Do you want to get a ready site in a few hours? It’s possible with Boxmode. Pick one of our appealing templates, customize it according to your needs and launch your site.
  • No coding skills required. Create an attractive website even if you don’t have a technical background. Edit the pages in an editor, add relevant content, and specify the website’s settings effortlessly using Boxmode.


  • Does the Boxmode charity website builder have paid options?

We offer free (Starter) and paid (Lite and Growth) pricing plans. They differ from each other by available tools.

  • Can I buy a domain name with the .org extension from Boxmode?

You can get a domain with the .org extension, as well as choose one of the other 30+ available options directly through your dashboard.

  • Can I add my logo to the website?

Yes, you can change a logo in the website’s settings.

  • How many donation projects can I create with Boxmode?

You can build an unlimited number of projects on the Boxmode platform.