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Are you a student? Try your hand at web development and design

With the Boxmode kids website builder, you can easily create functional websites for your educational projects.

Use different templates for different projects

The Boxmode website builder for kids includes pre-designed templates on various topics: from sports, restaurant, charity to fashion.Pick a template, customize it and get a ready website in no time!

Why website makers use Boxmode for kids projects


Easy-to-use software

Create and customize your website’s pages in a drag and drop editor, adjust necessary settings in the dashboard and get a professional-looking website even if you don’t have coding skills.


Customizable widgets

Enrich your website with relevant content using the Boxmode widgets, such as Navigation Menu, Form, Header, Footer, Paypal Button, Maps, and Slideshow.


Free stock pictures

Focus on visual content more than textual on your website. Use beautiful stock images from Unsplash, the free stock photo platform, to brightly present your education and school projects.


Gallery option

Showcase your project team members’ photos, images, illustrations, and infographics in a stylish and modern way with our Gallery widget.


Responsive view

Make sure your website is fully responsive by checking how it looks on different screens, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile, directly in the editor.


Domain management

Use one of the Boxmode domain options to stand out from the crowd: get a free domain, connect your custom domain, or buy a new one.

Why does your kindergarten, art and craft school, or local kids club need a website?

The primary purpose of your website is to introduce your organization in the most attractive way. Here you can provide visitors with valuable information about your education project, its mission, values, goals, and people standing behind it.
With a well-structured website, you can showcase the list of activities your educational center provides, add up-to-date class and course schedules, pricing, present teachers’ profiles, and announce events.
A website helps you reach more potential clients and increase brand awareness.

How to create a website with the Boxmode kids website builder?

Follow these steps:

1. Sign in to Boxmode and create your account.
2. Choose a thematic template that you like or create a website with your design using a blank theme.3. Customize pages and add relevant content to them.4. Set the project’s general and SEO adjustments.5. Publish your website.

Benefits of using the Boxmode kids website builder

  • User-friendly interface. You can easily find essential elements, settings, and helpful tooltips about the Boxmode school website builder on the dashboard.
  • Time-saving process. Using a pre-designed template or even starting from the blank page, you save a lot of time on building your website.
  • No coding required. With Boxmode, you can create a competitive website regardless of your coding knowledge level.
  • Real-time results. Customize your website, make changes on the pages, and see the updates here and now.
  • FAQs

    • Does the Boxmode kids website builder have paid options?

    We offer free (Starter) and paid (Lite and Growth) pricing plans. They differ from each other by available tools.

    • Can I use the Boxmode drag and drop website builder offline?

    Boxmode is an online tool, so you can’t use it offline.

    • Will I lose my changes if my internet connection is interrupted?

    No, Boxmode saves all of your changes automatically.

    • Do I need to sign up for a demo?

    Yes, you do. You can try out our templates after creating an account.