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Are you a recruitment agency owner, a recruitment specialist, or an HR generalist?

To create a professional web presence for your recruitment business, you can build a recruitment website powered by the Boxmode website builder.

Get a well-designed website based on customizable templates with the best color schemes

Need a stunning recruitment website design to attract more clients and make them respond to your call-to-action? 

Use the stylish Boxmode templates for recruitment agencies — they are tailored exactly to the needs of your recruiting business. Your visitors can’t help but press these templates’ buttons!

Features of a recruitment website builder that is the best value for money


Drag and drop editor

It has never been easier to create a recruitment website by dragging and dropping elements on the canvas. 


Customizable widgets

Make your website’s UX enjoyable with the help of easy-to-use widgets.


Gallery functionality

Enrich your website content with eye-catching photos of your projects and team members added via Gallery Widget.


Responsive view

Be sure your website looks great on different screens: mobile, tablet, and desktop.


SEO settings

Improve the visibility of your website by specifying meta tags, robots.txt, and XML sitemap files, among others.


Domain option

Create a domain name with the extension for free, connect your existing domain, or buy a new one via Boxmode.

Why does your business need an easy-to-use recruitment website builder?

A functional website is vital for recruitment agencies’ owners and freelance recruitment specialists alike. It can feature different data:

  • Multiple job vacancies with detailed job descriptions;
  • Samples of resumes and job offers;
  • Employers’ data with company profiles and job postings;
  • Candidates listings;
  • Career development programs;
  • Career advice service, and so on.

At the same time, a recruitment website must be easy to create and navigate, mobile-friendly, and have a simple application process. A combination of these characteristics can increase your website’s conversion rate and let you boost your candidates’ stream.

If you need to build a recruitment website free of charge, you can choose Boxmode because it offers a free plan with a basic set of tools. What is more, it requires no coding skills but allows adding your code if you need to. As a low-code website builder, it provides such benefits as:

  • Fast speed of website building;
  • Reduction of development and staffing expenses.

If you need to promote a particular recruiting event (a job fair, career expo, and so on), you can create a single landing page instead of a full-fledged website. And the Boxmode landing page builder allows you to do it on the fly.

How to create a recruitment website in no time?

Getting started with Boxmode is very easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for your Boxmode account.
  2. Browse website templates and choose the one that works best for your project. You can also select a blank theme to create a site from scratch.
  3. Use customizable widgets to add extra functionality to your website. Add your textual and visual content to the pages.
  4. Set up general and SEO settings.
  5. Select a domain name, preview, and publish your website.

Benefits of Boxmode for your recruitment website

Boxmode offers a plethora of benefits for everyone who needs a recruitment website builder. So, it is:

  • Filled with customizable templates (it gives you the freedom to design how you like.)
  • Easy to use (it does not require any special programming skills.)
  • Rich with features and tools for your smooth workflow.
  • Supported by a team of top professionals.


How much does the Boxmode website builder cost?

We offer three pricing plans: Starter, Lite, and Growth. Starter is a free plan with basic website building tools, while Lite and Growth include expanded toolkits.

Is customer support available with Boxmode?

Yes, our customer support is available via email for customers on our Starter plan or chat support for the owners of Lite and Growth plans.

What domain extension can I use for my recruitment website?

You can select from tens of popular domain extensions, including .com, .net, .cc, .club, .org and others.

Can I use the Boxmode drag and drop website builder offline?

Boxmode is an online tool, so you can’t use it offline.