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Create a free yoga studio website in a flash

With the Boxmode website builder, you can present your yoga or wellbeing business in the best way.

Focus on engaging visitors, not building process

Choose one of the Boxmode’s free templates for the yoga business and set it up as you wish.Our templates are: Tailored specifically for yoga teachers and studios, Well-structured and mobile-friendly, Intuitive and with modern design, Fully customizable.

Why choose the Boxmode website builder for creating your yoga website?


Drag and drop editor

Edit and style your website by simply dragging and dropping the elements to the canvas. No coding skills are needed.


Customizable widgets

Expand your website's functionality with our handy widgets, such as the Navigation Menu, Slideshow, Form, Header, Footer, Maps, PayPal Button, and Gallery widgets.


Image library

Diversify the visual components of your yoga site by inserting eye-catching images from Unsplash, a free stock photo platform.


Responsive view

Check how your website will appear on different devices, such as mobile, desktop, and tablet.


Preview option

Create your yoga website and view it before publishing online with the Boxmode yoga website builder.


SEO settings

Optimize meta title and description, set robots.txt and sitemap.xml, and add relevant keywords to increase your website’s ranking in search results.

Why is it important to have a beautiful yoga teaching website?

If you want to make your yoga business successful, you need to create a professional-looking website for your yoga studio. With it, you can build deeper relationships with your existing clients and easily attract new ones.
Use your website as a presentational platform where you can inform visitors about your philosophy and teaching styles, available yoga classes, training courses, prices, and more.
Let potential clients effortlessly reach out to you, book a class, and sign up for your newsletter. Moreover, you can present online yoga tutorials and ebooks directly on your website.
With a website, you can gain extra income by promoting yoga-related products without geographical limits. Having a feedback form and interesting content, you can expand your email database.

Can you create a yoga website if you don’t have any coding skills?

Yes, just follow these steps:

 1. Sign in to Boxmode and create your account.
2. Choose a template that you like (check out our sports ones — they are really cool) or create a website with your own design by using a blank theme.3. Customize pages and add relevant content to them.4. Set the project’s general and SEO adjustments.5. Publish your website.
Benefits of using the Boxmode website builder for designing your personal yoga website:
  • User-friendly interface. You can easily find essential elements, settings, and helpful tooltips about the Boxmode sports website builder on the dashboard.
  • Time-saving process. Using a pre-designed template or even starting from the blank page saves you a lot of time on building your website.
  • No coding required. With Boxmode, you can create a competitive website regardless of your coding knowledge level.
Real-time results. Customize your website, make changes on the pages, and see the updates here and now.

FAQs about Boxmode Yoga Page Builder

  • How much does the Boxmode website builder cost?

We offer three pricing plans: Starter, Lite, and Growth. Starter is a free plan with a basic set of tools for creating a website. Lite and Growth plans include expanded toolkits.

  • What content blocks can I have on my yoga website?

Boxmode sports templates include basic content blocks, such as “about us,” “our yoga classes,” “our yoga teachers,” “blog posts,” “testimonials,” and others. If you didn’t find a specific block in our ready-made templates, you can easily add it using Boxmode basic elements and widgets.

  • What domain extension can I use for my yoga website?

You can select from 30+ popular domain extensions, including .com, .net, .cc, .club, .org and others.

  • Are the Boxmode domains secure?

Yes, they have built-in SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy records, so you can be sure about protecting and saving personal information on your website.