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Do you need a website for your personal portfolio or business?

Then you require a personal website builder that can help you to create one.
Boxmode brings you everything you need for creating a professional-looking website.

Save time designing your website with the Boxmode templates

They are tailored for professionals in various industries Pick a proper template, enrich it with custom content and grow your online presence in no time.

Why choose the Boxmode website builder for personal use?


Drag and drop editor

The process of creating a website is easy and enjoyable with Boxmode. Drag and drop elements on the canvas and get a ready website swiftly.


Customizable widgets

Make your website user-friendly and functional with the Boxmode widgets, such as Navigation Menu, Maps, PayPal Button, Footer, Header, and others.


Gallery tool

Showcase your work, projects, and services in a stylish gallery. Add an animation effect or enable the “lightbox” option to display your visuals brightly.


Responsive view

Make sure your website looks great on different devices, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile. Check its responsiveness right in the editor.


SEO settings

Optimize your pages by adding meta tags, canonical links, and relevant keywords. Set the sitemap.xml and robots.txt files to increase your search engine visibility.


Domain management

Use the free Boxmode domain name, connect an existing one or buy a new domain for your fitness website in a few clicks in the dashboard.

Why do you need an easy-to-use personal website?

Creative people are looking for a portfolio website builder or a personal website builder to start or expand their careers. They may be freelancers, sole entrepreneurs, or even those working for creative organizations. With a fantastic-looking personal website, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your personal portfolio or personal services with the most professional presentation possible.
The Boxmode website builder for personal use gives you the structure of a website that you can personalize to make it perfect for your needs. This means customizing and filling the template with your personal content and description to make it unique. Then you can proudly promote and refer other people to your website to gain recognition for your talents.

How to create a personal website with the Boxmode online personal website builder?

Follow a few simple steps:
  1. Sign up with Boxmode.
  2. Browse through our stylish templates and find the one that works for your website. Alternatively, you can choose a blank theme if you want to design your website from scratch.
  3. Customize the pages, add elements and widgets to the canvas, and enrich them with your own content, such as a personal bio, portfolio, and photos.
  4. Set general and SEO adjustments on your website.
  5. Preview and publish it.

Benefits of Boxmode for your personal website

Boxmode is an easy personal website builder that makes web design simpler and faster. You don’t need to be a trained web developer to create a functional website that looks great, so anyone can get started right away. Additional benefits of using Boxmode include the following:
  • Zero coding skills needed;
  • Free to use customizable templates and widgets;
  • SEO and marketing tools.
The Boxmode website builder is suitable for people in a range of creative and professional fields, such as:
  • Photography;
  • Illustration;
  • Music;
  • Graphic design;
  • DIY & crafts;
  • Education


  • Is Boxmode a free website builder?

Boxmode offers Starter, a free pricing plan, and Lite and Growth, paid pricing plans. You can find more details on our pricing page.

  • Is coding knowledge required to create a website with Boxmode?

No, you don’t need to have any coding skills to use Boxmode.

  • Does Boxmode provide customer support?

Yes, our customer support is available for you 24/7.

  • Can I add my logo to the website?

Yes, you can change a logo in the website’s settings.