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The industry’s best website builder for architects

Whether you’re a seasoned web designer or architectural entrepreneur, having a beautiful website is central to your business’s success. 
Boxmode’s website builder for architects makes it easy to create, customize, and publish professional websites for free.

Customize your site with Boxmode, the architect website builder

All Boxmode architect website templates are tailored to the niche based on common industry trends, saving you ample creative time. This means you won’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time changing around the template to fit your vision.  Boxmode makes it easy to establish your online dominance with a dream website.

Top features of Boxmode architect website templates

There are many reasons web designers and entrepreneurs choose Boxmode as their trusted architect website builder. Here are a few key features you should know about:


Drag and drop editor

It has never been easier to personalize a website to your needs through our drag and drop editor.


Customizable templates

Boxmode architect website templates and other niche templates are fully customizable and mobile-responsive.


Gallery functionality

Decorate your website content with eye-catching photos of your projects, services, and team members. 


SEO settings

Simple search engine optimization (SEO) tools help you improve the visibility of your website in the search results.


Customizable widgets

Easy-to-use widgets, such as contact forms, maps, and video, make your website’s UX enjoyable.


Domain options

Create a domain name with the extension for free, connect your existing domain, or buy a new one via Boxmode.

Try the Boxmode website builder for your impressive architect portfolio

In the architecture industry, showcasing your architecture portfolio is crucial. From large architect studios to sole freelancers, Boxmode website builder for interior design or website builder for architects makes it easy to establish a strong, clearly identifiable online presence. Upload all types of visuals into the architect website builder so you can emphasize various projects, 3-D models, and other key content.
With the detailed preview tool, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). There will be no surprises from the time you begin your draft to the moment you hit “Publish.”

How to create an architect website in a few steps

1. Create an account and pPick your favorite architect website template. (Great news - it will automatically be mobile responsive!)

2. Use the drag and drop feature to begin customizing your website.

3. Upload appropriate content. Be sure to include images, architecture portfolio projects, and more.

4. Revise colors, logos, and other elements to align with your company branding.

5. Once all edits are complete, simply hit the “Publish” button in the top right corner! Your site will go live instantly.

Preferences of architect website builder

The architect website builder was already elevated, and Boxmode took this one step further to also offer an interior design website builder and construction website builder. No matter which template or templates you decide to use, you’ll never look back.

Everything about the tool is intuitive from start to finish. Not only does it allow you to incorporate all elements smoothly, but it helps you automatically create a beautiful design.


1. Do I need to know how to code to use Boxmode architect website builder?

You do not need to be a web design or IT expert to create beautiful websites with Boxmode. If you do, however, want to design a website from scratch or use coding to make changes, you certainly have those options as well.

2. Can I incorporate SEO into my website template?

You absolutely have the ability to optimize your content for SEO with Boxmode. The SEO settings can be accessed right from your dashboard. Within the page settings, you can also customize your titles, meta descriptions, and enter focus keywords to ensure your content is discovered by relevant site visitors leveraging the search engines.

3. Am I able to customize my website for my own brand and architecture portfolio?

One hundred and ten percent, yes! Boxmode makes it so easy to select the perfect template and transform it into your own. Change the colors, fonts, and images throughout your website to make it unique yet uniform.

4. How much does it cost to use Boxmode?

You can use Boxmode for free with a Starter plan. It provides access to the website builder’s primary tools and features. However, if you want to access more services, advanced tools and settings, consider two paid pricing plans: Lite ($4.50/$6 per month) and Growth ($7.50/$10 per month). Compare plans’ features on our pricing page.