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The Boxmode website builder for SEO brings your website front and center

Boxmode is the best website platform for SEO you can invest in, and it is free!

Don’t be like most of the websites that get lost in the crowd. Use Boxmode, the best website platform for SEO, and rise to the top of the search results.

An SEO website builder starts with well-structured templates that incorporate all the SEO data search engines are looking for.

Use Boxmode’s SERP-optimized custom templates and show your site to a broader audience

Boxmode offers robust website-building features, including


Drag and drop editor

Don’t get stuck into coding. Just drag and drop the elements to the canvas in our user-friendly website editor


Customizable widgets

Widgets are neatly packaged bits of functionality that make Boxmode a true SEO-friendly website builder that delivers real functionality.


Gallery options

Boxmode’s website builder for SEO includes a wealth of gallery options that bring your content to life.


Online store

Add an online store to your site and monetize your products or services


Blog option

Write expert text according to your customers’ search requests and get more traffic to your website with the blog option.


Responsive view

The best SEO website will look and work perfectly on any device. Boxmode’s website builder for SEO delivers fully responsive websites.

Why create a website that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO)?

The best SEO website creators know they have to create a trail that consistently leads search engines to their site. Otherwise, these sites are lost in a wasteland of websites that attract no one.

You need to create an SEO-friendly website to:

  • Grow your audience by helping your site get found.
  • Ensure that those that do find your site are truly interested in what you offer.
  • Break through the noise created by every other website in your niche.

Boxmode’s website builder with SEO settings is designed to put you on the map, but not just anywhere on that map. It is designed to move your website front and center on that map, and that is the only way your website can achieve great results.

Come into the light. Help customers and subscribers find you. The best platform for SEO will help you achieve all of your goals.

How to create a website using Boxmode website builder for SEO?

Five simple steps are all it takes:

  1. Create your Boxmode account and start building a free SEO friendly website.
  2. Browse through the SEO website templates and find the right one for you.
  3. Enrich the template with your content and watch your website come to life.
  4. Set your site’s SEO values and watch how they help you reach the top of search results.
  5. Choose a domain name and publish your website.

Benefits of using Boxmode to create SEO-tuned websites:

It’s free. Boxmode is a fully functional SEO-friendly website builder that is both powerful and simple.

It’s intuitive. Building your SEO-friendly website feels natural when you’re using Boxmode.

It’s fast. The sites Boxmode helps build are fast and hold visitor attention.

It’s easy. Boxmode eliminates all of the complexities and the expense. No coding is required.


How much does the Boxmode website builder for SEO cost?

You can use Boxmode for free with a Starter plan. It provides access to the website builder’s primary tools and features. However, if you want to access more services, advanced tools and settings, consider two paid pricing plans: Lite ($4.50/$6 per month) and Growth ($7.50/$10 per month). Compare plans’ features on our pricing page.

Do you have templates to help me get started?

We have a wide variety of free templates, and that number is constantly growing as we add new designs and new functionality, all perfectly tuned for SEO.

I want to create a blog. Can Boxmode help me?

Our SEO website builder offers a handy Blog widget. Using it, you can build a blog with everything you need to reach your audience.

What domain can I use for my author’s web page?

Boxmode provides more than 30 domain extensions, including .com, .net, .cc, .club, .org, and more.