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Website Builder for Authors

Boxmode website builder for authors is a clear cut above the rest because it’s focused specifically on giving authors the ability to reach a greater audience. Boxmode delivers on this promise with a premiere website builder that’s easy to use, that requires no coding skills at all, and that is 100% free out of the starting gate.

Make people talk about you with free professional website design

Awesome templates for this niche are in the works.

They will completely blow your mind. We promise!

In the meanwhile, you could take a look at our existing professionally designed themes.

Boxmode includes everything anyone needing to build a website for authors will need for success, including



These pre-made designs get the process off to a great start, with inspiring designs that are ready to be customized.


Drag-and-Drop editor

Boxmode keeps the entire website design process simple. Just drag the parts you need, where you need them on the page, and then customize their look and the content each will present. This includes both page elements and widgets


Customizable Widgets

Widgets help add functionality to a site. These include menus that help visitors navigate your site, forms that let them contact you, and easy ways to present snippets of your writing that will inspire them to make a purchase.


Gallery Options

No time to master the intricacies of web design? We’ve got plenty of beautiful templates tailored to specific businesses and distributed across multiple categories.


Purchase Button

A website for authors is only useful when it builds your audience and your sales. Once you’ve inspired a reader to buy your work, the purchase button, placed strategically throughout your site, makes it easy for them to complete their purchases.


Responsive View

With Boxmode your bookselling template is designed to look great on every web browser and all devices, without any additional effort on your part. It’s all automatic.

Why create a website to sell books?

A website for authors puts the author in the driver’s seat and makes it easy for readers to find works they will love reading:

  • Grow an audience for any type of written work
  • Make it easy to sell all types of creative content
  • Expand beyond the limits set by traditional publishers
  • Sell more so you can create more

When writers depended on publishers to get their works sold most authors never got published and those that do are left to the mercy of the publisher’s advertising to see their work reach an audience. With the internet, a range of self-publishing tools, and the ability to build a website for authors that promotes and sells, authors are grabbing the bull by the horns and building their own future.

How to create a website for authors using Boxmode Website Builder for Authors?

It’s simple steps from start to finish:

  1. Create your Boxmode account. You can start for free.
  2. Browse through the book website templates
  3. Place your content on the template pages to make your own
  4. Set your site’s SEO values so your site can be found
  5. Choose a domain name and publish your bookselling website

Benefits of using Boxmode for a writer’s website:

  • It’s free. Boxmode includes a fully functional author's website with easy-to-use designs that have the functionality you need to present and sell your work.
  • It’s intuitive. Everything you need to build a great website to sell books is at your fingertips, including full support from the Boxmode team.
  • It’s fast. The sites Boxmode helps build are fast and that makes them very effective when it comes to grabbing attention and holding the attention of your audience.

It’s easy. No coding skills are required to create and launch a stellar website for writers that have no coding skills.