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Website Builder for Artists

The Boxmode website builder for artists is a unique toolset that is focused on helping artists bring their works to a much larger audience through a personal website. What makes this unique is the way Boxmode delivers this tool. The Boxmode website builder makes it easy to build a great artist’s website without writing a single line of code. Even better than this is the fact that it’s totally free to get your new artist’s website up and running.

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Boxmode delivers what all artists need to build a great gallery site that does their work justice and reaches their best audience:


Drag-and-Drop editor

Artists should not have to be techies or hire techies to make their website shine. With Boxmode, drag-and-drop is the intuitive solution that makes it simple for anyone to build a website, especially a website for artists where the visual presentation will be critical.


Customizable widgets

Widgets are neatly packaged bits of functionality that any good artist website builder needs. These packages will ensure the artist’s works are displayed brilliantly and make it easy for visitors to browse, like, and buy from the artist’s collection. They make building any artist website a work of art rather than science.


Gallery Options

Help readers find your works with the Boxmode Gallery widget where your art is easy to find and is displayed in an impactful way.


Responsive View

Presentation is the key, whether you’re displaying your art in a gallery or on an artist’s website. Boxmode understands this and is designed to ensure that your art will be presented consistently on any device and with any browser.


Integrated SEO

Most websites are never found and this is just as true for an artist's website, but it doesn’t have to be. The Boxmode artists website builder has built-in SEO tools that help search engines find your site so they can present them to users that are searching for what you have created.


Purchase Button

In the end, the main goal for most artists will be to have an artist website that encourages people to buy their works quickly and simply. With a purchase button that can be placed strategically throughout the portfolio, and on each individual piece, this is guaranteed.

Why create a website to sell art?

A website for artists puts you, the artist in the pilot’s seat. It frees you from the shackles of the studios and agents. It makes it easy for art lovers to find works they will love buying:

  • Grow an audience for both physical and digital works
  • Create a gallery experience a much larger audience can enjoy
  • Expand beyond the limits set by traditional galleries and agents
  • Sell more so you can create more of what you love

When artists depended on galleries and agents to get their works sold the majority of artists never find an audience that can support their need to create. They are stuck in a mold that makes the gallery and the agent more important than the actual art they are representing. They are demanding too, pushing artists to create more and to adapt to the tastes of others. For most artists, this can be so stifling that it pushes them away from doing what they truly love.

A good artist website builder puts control back where it belongs. Artist portfolio websites and the Boxmode website builder makes it happen.

How to create a website for artists using Boxmode Website Builder for Artists?

It’s a set of simple steps that make it easy:

  1. Create your Boxmode account and start building a free artists website
  2. Browse through the artist website templates and find your inspiration
  3. Plug your content into the template and watch your gallery come to life
  4. Set your site’s SEO values so it will be found by those that are most likely to love your work
  5. Choose a domain name and publish your artists’ gallery website

Benefits of using Boxmode to create an art website

  • It’s free. Boxmode is a fully functional artist portfolio website builder that is both powerful and simple.
  • It’s intuitive. Artist website builders have to make the entire process simple and Boxmode is that and more.
  • It’s fast. The sites Boxmode helps build are fast. This is especially important with an artist website where the work needs to be presented with immediacy.
  • It’s easy. Artists are not normally techies and they shouldn’t have to be. Boxmode worries about the tech so you don’t have to.