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Teacher Website Builder

Do you want to make the world a better place with the power of knowledge?

Use the Boxmode website builder for teachers to create an educational website for the better spread of knowledge.

A rich selection of templates for any educational projects

Concentrate on teaching your favorite subject instead of puzzling over the design of a website. Employ ready-to-use education templates from the free teacher website builder and impress your students with your education hub.

Pick a custom template tailored to your teaching needs and create your teacher website on the fly.

Top features of the Boxmode teacher website builder

Are you looking for the best teacher website builder? See why Boxmode is what you need:


Drag and drop editor

You need no developers on your payroll — create your teacher website by dragging and dropping the elements to the canvas. No coding at all!


Easy-to-use widgets

Make your website functional with the Boxmode widgets — the Navigation Menu, Slideshow, Form, Header, Footer, Maps, Gallery, etc.


Project autosave

Experiment with your website design all you want without worrying about losing the progress. All your changes are automatically saved.


SEO settings

Optimize your teacher website for search engines and increase its ranking hands down with the Boxmode website builder.


Image library

Be visually different — make the web design of your site shine by inserting beautiful imagery from Unsplash, a free stock photo platform.


Analytics tools

Connect Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, or Facebook Pixel to keep your finger on the pulse of your teacher website’s performance.

Why Do Teachers Need an Easy Website Builder?

The range of possibilities teachers can get thanks to their websites is impressive. They can get access to a much wider audience and increase awareness of their personal brand. The website can also facilitate networking, exchange of best practices, and lifelong learning. 

It doesn’t matter whether you give private lessons or work at a full-fledged educational establishment. In any case, you need a teacher website builder or a school website builder to create your online sanctuary of sciences and arts. A website will allow you to open the door to better communication between the classroom and families. 

The question that weighs on many teachers is how to find a suitable teachers’ website builder and create a teacher website that will accommodate all educational needs, be easy to work with, and won’t cost a fortune. A great teacher website should feature educational materials and programs, tracking of academic results, the price of different classes, schedules, news and announcements, and much more. 

How To Create a Teacher Website with the Boxmode Website Builder?

These are five simple steps for making a teacher website in next to no time:

1. Sign in to Boxmode.

2. Go through our list of multiple pre-designed templates and choose the one you like most or create a website with your design using a blank theme.

3. Customize page elements and add content to them.

4. Configure general and SEO settings.

5. Select a domain name and publish your website.

Benefits of a Teacher Website Builder

Are you looking for an easy teacher website builder to make all your educational dreams come true? Then, you are in the right place! The Boxmode website builder offers infinite possibilities for every teacher with big aspirations. Be it a school, a college, private tutoring courses, or any other educational establishment you are working at, you can open the door to new opportunities with a teacher website tailored to your personal needs. Use Boxmode to create a website because of its benefits:

  • User-friendly interface. Just open the dashboard to find all essential elements, settings, and helpful tooltips with no sweat.
  • No-code development. It’s inherent in Boxmode’s philosophy that any non-tech savvy person should be able to build a website with no hassle.
  • Scalability. The Boxmode website builder for free teacher websites offers full-scale website building, be it a simple promo landing page or a multi-page site.

24/7/365 support. If you have any tech queries, our top-notch customer care team will gladly help you via tickets (for free plans) or live chat (for paid subscribers).


How much does the Boxmode website builder for teachers cost?

Boxmode offers Starter, an entirely free pricing plan, along with Lite and Growth paid pricing plans (more details on our pricing page).

How much does it cost to buy a unique domain name from Boxmode?

The cost varies from $14 to $60, depending on the domain extension.

What domain can I use for my teacher web page?

Boxmode provides more than 30 domain extensions, including .com, .net, .cc, .club, .org, and more.

Are the Boxmode domains secure?

Yes, they have built-in SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy records. Rest assured that personal information protection on your website is superb.