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Insurance Website Builder

An insurance website is like a digital signature of every self-respecting insurance professional. It’s a present-day must.

Unleash your legal potential with the Boxmode website builder for insurance agents and agencies.

Your expertise can show itself in a site’s design too

If you need a cutting-edge insurance website design to impress and expand your clientele, you can avail of the tailored templates offered by the Boxmode free insurance website builder.

Leave your clients filled with confidence in your services thanks to an insurance website template you choose at Boxmode.

How can the Boxmode website builder help insurance professionals?

The Boxmode insurance website builder offers the following benefits for insurance specialists who need a website:


Drag and drop editor

Create your website by dragging and dropping specific elements onto the canvas.


Customizable widgets

Enrich your insurance website with conceptual blocks using the Boxmode widgets.


SEO settings

Optimize the pages to increase your website’s position in search results (for instance, by customizing meta tags, robots.txt, or sitemap.xml files).


Domain management

Get a unique domain name, create a domain with the extension, or connect your existing domain.


Responsive view

Check your website’s appearance on different screens to make sure it looks perfect.


Domain management

Browse the collection of industry-specific templates and pick the one that matches your specific needs.

Why do you need an insurance website builder?

Suppose you are in life insurance or medicare insurance. In that case, you need to find a life insurance website builder or a medicare insurance website builder to create an online presence and tell your audience about your services. Your website can also help build the trust and credibility of a highly professional service. What is more, having a website allows greater coverage of your prospective clientele than traditional word-of-mouth or outdoor advertising. Of course, the same benefits are applicable for business insurance or any other insurance field in which your agency operates.

If you are an independent insurance agent, a website builder is even more vital for you. It will become your reliable trademark and your distinctive feature in the competitive insurance market. You won’t need to look for clients anymore — they will look for you instead.

If you are running a project for real estate, it needs to be insured, among other requirements. So a website may help you streamline routine insurance tasks and present the real estate you are dealing with in the most favorable light. The Boxmode real estate website builder for realtors is just what you need in this case.

How to create an insurance agency website with no coding skills?

  1. Sign up with Boxmode.
  2. Create a new project by selecting one of our beautiful templates, or choose a blank theme if you want to design your website from scratch.
  3. Customize the pages, add elements and widgets to the canvas, and enrich them with your content.
  4. Adjust the general and SEO settings of your insurance agency website.
  5. Select a domain name, preview your website for the insurance business, and publish it.

Advantages of Boxmode for your insurance website

Every insurance agent or agency owner wants to know how the Boxmode insurance agency website builder can help their insurance business. The benefits are the following:

  • Speed. With the Boxmode website builder for insurance agencies, you will be pleasantly surprised by how little time you spend creating an insurance site.
  • Simplicity. User-friendly navigation makes building an insurance website enjoyable and effortless.
  • Free of charge usage. You can build a simple insurance website for free with the Boxmode Starter pricing plan.

Round-the-clock support. If you have any Boxmode-related questions or issues, you can quickly contact our helpful customer service.


Does the Boxmode have paid options?

We offer free (Starter) and paid (Lite and Growth) pricing plans. They differ from each other by available tools. 

Can I use the Boxmode insurance website builder offline? 

Boxmode is an online tool, so you can’t use it offline. 

Will I lose my progress if my internet connection is interrupted?

No, Boxmode saves all your progress automatically.

How do I make my website visible in search engines?

You can increase your website’s visibility using our SEO tools. Boxmode helps create SEO-friendly websites.