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Create a simple and clean website  for your computer repair business 

With the Boxmode website builder for computer repair firms, you can build a professional-looking website in no time.

Why choose the Boxmode computer repair website builder?


Drag and drop editor

Build your computer service website with content bricks by dragging and dropping necessary elements onto the pages.


Customizable widgets

Design a great website’s user experience using our widgets, including Header, Footer, Maps, Navigation Menu, and others. 


SEO settings

Optimize your website by customizing the pages’ meta title and meta description to increase its position in search results in Google. 


Domain option

Pick a branded domain name, get a free domain from Boxmode, or connect your existing one directly in the dashboard.


Responsive view

Check your website’s appearance on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens before publishing it online.


Gallery tool

Show the range of your services, team members, and projects by adding photo galleries to your website. 

Why does your PC repair business need a website?

If you want your computer repair business to grow, you need to promote it effectively. One of the ways to present your services to a wider audience is by creating a modern website. 
On your website, you can inform about the range of the services offered (dividing them into categories, for example, laptop repair, iMac and MacBook repair, PC repair, or on-site computer repair, data recovery, Windows update issues). 
Also, it’s important to specify your benefits (for example, no hidden fees, weekend and evening callouts) and showcase valuable statistics (amount of happy clients, successful cases, and so on) to establish credibility with the public.
Creating pages with a detailed description of your services, history, FAQs, and contact details allows your potential clients to find out what you do and get in touch easily and quickly. 

How can you create computer repair websites with Boxmode?

Follow these steps:
1. Sign in to Boxmode and create your account.
2. Choose a template that you like or create a website with your design using a blank theme.3. Customize pages and add relevant content to them.4. Set the project’s general and SEO adjustments.5. Publish your website.

Benefits of the Boxmodefor your computer repair website

  • User-friendly interface. You can easily find essential elements, settings, and helpful tooltips about the Boxmode SaaS website builder on the dashboard.
  • Time-saving process. Using a pre-designed template or even starting from the blank page, you can save a lot of time building your website.
  • No coding required. With Boxmode, you can create a cutting-edge website regardless of your coding knowledge level.
  • Real-time results. Customize your website, make changes on the pages, and see the updates here and now.


  • How much does the Boxmode website builder cost?
We offer three pricing plans: Starter, Lite, and Growth. Starter is a free plan with a basic set of tools for creating a website. Lite and Growth include expanded toolkits for building and optimizing your website.
  • How do I make my website visible in search engines?
You can increase your website’s visibility using Boxmode’s SEO tools. Boxmode makes it easy to optimize your website according to search engines’ requirements.
  • What domain extension can I use for my computer repair website?
You can select from 30+ popular domain extensions, including .com, .net, .cc, .club, .org and others.
  • Are the Boxmode domains secure?
Yes, they have built-in SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy records, so you can be sure that the personal information you store on your website is secure.