Create a website and manage your domain with the Boxmode website builder

Build a robust online presence for your brand with a competitive website and a brandable domain

With the Boxmode website builder, you can:

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Create a free domain name
Stand out from the crowd by using an appealing domain name with the extension.
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Add your existing custom domain from a third-party provider
Already have a domain? Just connect it to your Boxmode-based website in a few clicks.
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Buy a unique domain name
Choose a domain name with a required extension and purchase it directly from Boxmode.
Manage domains

Why should you choose Boxmode?

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Security and privacy

All our domains include SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy records that prevent the storage of any personal information in public databases and protect your website from data breaches, phishing scams, and other threats.
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A wide range of domain extensions

30+ popular domain extensions to pick from, including .com, .net, .cc, .me, .xyz, .site, .online, .click, .club, .company, .shop, .fun, .store, .best, .biz, .business, .cool, .help, .info, .life, .live, .name, .org, and others.
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Budget-friendly prices

Buying a custom domain with Boxmode is simple, and the price is the same as buying from the domain registrators. There are no hidden fees, ads, or price hikes.
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A pleasant bonus

Get a custom domain for one year for free when purchasing any Boxmode annual pricing plan.

What is a domain?

A domain is the online name of your website that appears in the address bar when users visit your website. Each domain name is unique and assigned to a particular website.

Why do you need a domain?

A domain represents a unique address (URL) of your website on the internet. It helps visitors find your site among a variety of websites in a user-friendly way. A professional domain name assists in building brand authority and increasing brand awareness.

How to choose a domain?

If you consider some domain names, first of all, you need to check their availability through a domain name checker. Your domain name should be catchy, searchable, and relevant to the website’s content. Create an easy to pronounce and memorize domain name that will bring brand value over time.