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Boxmode’s responsive templates for designers are tailor-made to suit the needs of any modern business. With Boxmode, you can find the perfect template for you and your projects and use it completely free of charge. Pick a theme you like, customize it however you like in Boxmode’s editor, and your site is live — WYSIWYG.

Our features


Free forever

Boxmode allows you to build a site, launch it, and maintain it completely free of charge, forever. Where else can you get a website builder for designers for free?


No coding required

Websites used to be only for those who can either make one themselves or hire someone who can. With Boxmode’s creative website builder, that’s not the case — our builder requires no special skills to use.


Widgets galore

Implement payments and donations, add an interactive map, a blog, and even a store to your site with a single click. That’s the power of Boxmode’s widgets.


Unlimited bandwidth

We’ll never cap your visitors or hold your site hostage until you pay us a fee. Go viral, and don’t worry if it’s going to break the bank or your site.


SEO tools

Boxmode offers a suite of tools and features that will help designer website owners rank high in search results, get noticed, and retain visitors.


Domain options

Browse the collection of industry-specific templates and pick the one that matches your specific needs.


Do I need to pay extra for a mobile-responsive site?

No, all sites built with Boxmode are adapted for mobile and tablet browsers by default.

How do I use a custom domain?

It’s easy! You can purchase a domain from a third party or through Boxmode and connect it easily with the domain mapping feature. Please note that this feature is only available for users with a Lite or Growth plan.

How do I use premium features with my website?

A number of Boxmode features are restricted to paid users. Boxmode has three tiers of projects, Free, Lite, and Growth. You can learn more about each plan in our Help Center article.

What kind of marketing tools does Boxmode offer?

Boxmode allows users to connect analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, and Hotjar to their sites. Moreover, our suite of SEO tools lets users edit meta tags, alt text, set canonical links, and offers automated XML Sitemap and Robots.txt.