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Build Your Own Restaurant Website

Creating a stunning website is easy with our restaurant website builder. Boxmode will help you combine all your content into one beautifully designed online space.
All you need to do is find a template that reflects your ideas best. Boxmode will take care of the rest. Hosting, beautiful web design, built-in SEO settings - it’s all on us!

Maintain your project’s originality and brand with Boxmode’s stylish templates

Be it a restaurant, a cafe, or a pub — you can find the design you need.

Boxmode website builder for restaurant offers you the following:


Drag and drop editor

Craft your website easily even without a coding background.


Domain mapping

Get a free Boxmode domain, connect your own one, or buy a new domain directly from the dashboard.


Built-in SEO settings

Take advantage of the essential SEO on your Boxmode-based website.


Insert ordering form and tools

Enable your website visitors to place online orders with the help of the contact form.



Build fully responsive landing pages and view how they will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile before launching.


Free domain mapping

Browse the collection of industry-specific templates and pick the one that matches your specific needs.

Why is using an easy website builder a must for a restaurant?

Think about it: to create a website for your restaurant, you need a massive investment in the form of both time and money. You need to hire a development agency, take care of design and hosting, run an ad campaign, and further keep an eye on your website performance. Sounds complicated and expensive, doesn’t it?
But why bother to do all of that? In the era of no-code development and website builders that offer unique UX for each project, you no longer need to waste months or even years of your precious time building something that can be built within an hour. Technology is designed to make our lives easier. So take advantage of this.
Building a website for your restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive anymore. Boxmode is customer-oriented: it is accessible, intuitive, makes website creation a pleasure. Choose a ready-made template and fill it with content. It's that simple.

How to create your restaurant website with Boxmode

It takes five simple steps to create a restaurant website with the Boxmode website builder:

  1. Sign up with Boxmode.
  2. Choose a website template or create your website from scratch with a blank theme.
  3. Add content blocks, fill them with relevant information about your restaurant.
  4. Set up a domain (get Boxmode free domain, connect your existing one, or buy a domain name from a thirty-party vendor directly in the builder).
  5. Publish your website.

Place info on reservations, menus, reviews, working hours on your website. Fill the footer with your location, contact information, privacy policy, etc.

The restaurant website builder will help you represent your restaurant the way you want it, giving your customers an idea of the ambiance and offers you have onboard. To enrich the website with interesting content, we recommend including the following sections:

  • Recipes
  • Bar
  • Events
  • Awards
  • Gallery
  • Food delivery options
  • Price lists

Bright content and interesting information on the site are the keys to attracting visitors. We’ve got several tips to help you create a perfect restaurant experience:

  • upload photos of your restaurant’s charming surroundings and regional avant-gardes;
  • pick bright colors to highlight the latest food trends on your website (pantry meals, takeouts);
  • set up interesting events/workshops that will spur standards for leadership and hospitality;
  • pin the social media links (Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to stay close to your community;
  • if you offer outdoor dining service put it right in the header of your website;
  • kindly invite your visitors to sign up for the newsletter but promise to treat their personal info with respect;
  • allow your customers to learn the history of your restaurant and the origins of the food you serve;
  • try to match the colors of your logo, website font, and even photo filters;
  • make sure that info on operational hours of your restaurant and parking area are displayed accurately and vividly.

Use these Boxmode features for your restaurant and takeout food website

To make sure you make the most of our website builder for a restaurant, let’s go through Boxmode features that will help create an attractive and user-friendly website.
  • Customizable widgets: create memories with the Boxmode Gallery widget to record photos with your visitors, and showcase how vital your restaurant has become to them.
  • Autosave option: don’t worry about accidentally closing a tab and losing your project. Our website builder automatically saves your changes.
  • Custom domain: your restaurant’s brand is probably the most important thing. We made it easy for you to connect a custom domain you already own or buy a new one right from the dashboard.
  • Automated XML sitemap and robots.txt: for smooth and bug-free indexing use sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. Boxmode generates them for you automatically.
  • Meta tags: enrich the pages with keywords,  appropriate meta titles, and descriptions.


Can I keep my current restaurant’s logo on the Boxmode-built website?Sure. You can upload all kinds of content you want when creating a site with the Boxmode website builder for restaurants.
Does Boxmode website builder have SEO settings?SEO optimization is one of the key features that every website should have. Boxmode restaurant website builder has built-in SEO settings: meta tags editing, automatically generated sitemap.xml, and robots.txt files. They are designed to be easy to use and efficient for online visibility. With their help, you can increase your website ranking in Google, or any other search engine you’re using.
What if I want to build my website design according to the actual restaurant interior/exterior? Can I do that?Yes, you can match your restaurant design with the web design, just pick the right colors, upload some photos of your location and place the recognizable signs (like a logo) in the header of the site.
How much time does it take to build a website with Boxmode?It all depends on the volume of your future website. If it’s a one-pager, it can be built within an hour. If it’s a photoblog, it may take time to select or create the required layout.

It’s time to get your restaurant online!

Boxmode will help you to:

  • Get your restaurant or takeaway food business online
  • Draw in new customers
  • Make reservations easier
It is getting easier and easier to create a website for your restaurant.With Boxmode, it is both easy and free.