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Website Builder for the Construction Company

Establish a solid, advanced, and sophisticated online presence. Boxmode will help you create your first website for construction projects you are willing to share with the world. The wit and the technical ground behind our tool allow you to create a stunning web page for your business.

Ready to Use Templates

Create a neat construction company website for your business. Boxmode allows you to build an impeccable web page with the help of its stunning template. Use the blank template to make the website even more customized. Use your creativity to craft exactly the project you envisioned!

Feature Rich Website Builder

Take advantage of these amazing Boxmode features to build your own website for construction projects:


Embedded SEO settings

Grow your audience and expand your reach via SEO settings on the Boxmode-built website.


Free domain

Get a free Boxmode domain, link your custom one, or buy a new domain straight from the dashboard.


Flexibility and Scalability

Boxmode has templates in over 20 business categories which makes it transformable flexible.



Create a searchable website in minutes. We do all the hard work so you can spend more time promoting your business.


Drag and drop editor

Even if you have no coding background, you can create your first website effortlessly with our drag and drop tool.


Customizable widgets

Use widgets as building blocks! Simply drop a bunch of them on the canvas to get a fully-featured website in no time.

Why do You Need a Good Website for Construction Business?

There is no better way to explain the business's mission than the website. A web page is a perfect opportunity to showcase your product/service to a wide audience. It will help you emphasize the most outstanding features of your business, prove your validity, and stay close with your client base. Having a professional website is an asset in itself. Aside from making profits, it can help your firm stand out in the crowd to get predominance over competitors.With our tool, you will be able to depict your product or service vividly. Boxmode construction company website builder is suitable for:
  • remodeling companies;
  • design projects;
  • engineering concepts;
  • construction organizations;
  • handyman businesses.
Showcase your best design concepts with the help of Boxmode’s architect website builder.

Advantages of Construction Company Website Builder by Boxmode

Boxmode is a frictionless website builder for the construction industry that transcends established trends in website creation. That’s because we stay keen on using modern technology to provide the ideal product to our end-user. Enjoy the following features of Boxmode:
  • Widget-packed: customizable widgets guide you on your way to building a fully functional website.
  • Mobile-friendly: Boxmode-built websites have equally good visibility on screens of all sizes.
  • Accurate indexing: due to clean code development, websites developed with our tool are indexed correctly by search engines.
  • Code editing: more tech-experienced users can edit the code to add more features, integrations, and elements.
  • Convenient to work with: experiment with your website design as much as you want as all changes you make will be saved automatically.

How To Create Construction Or Handyman Website in no Time

With the help of the Boxmode website builder, you can create construction projects suitable for design, engineering, construction, and handyman business. It only takes five simple steps to build your first website:
  1. Sign up with Boxmode.
  2. Select a construction template or create one yourself with a blank theme.
  3. Add website sections, fill them with appropriate info about your construction project.
  4. Set up a domain (get a free Boxmode domain, connect your existing one, or buy a domain name from a thirty-party provider right in the dashboard).
  5. Publish your website and call it a day.
Few tips on how to get the most out of construction website builder:
  • Create sub-pages for each particular product/service if there’s much information to cover.
  • Use SEO settings to advertise your website and start building your community right off the bat.
  • Use the Boxmode-integrated PayPal button to generate sales from your website.
  • Upload beautiful pictures: make your website look professional with high-res photos.
  • Add links to social media: to build a trustworthy relationship with your clients, synchronize your website with social media.


Do Boxmode-built websites have SEO settings that I can use?

Yes. Not only they are SEO friendly but they are very well displayed in search results. Whether you chose a free plan or paid plan, you can easily change the SEO settings of your website in the project properties.

Do I need to enter my card details before start building a website on Boxmode?

No. You can create your own website on Boxmode completely free of charge. It is enough to create an account and you’re all set and ready to go!

Is it possible to erase Boxmode branding?

Yes, it is. By purchasing one of our paid plans, you get the ability to remove ads and Boxmode branding, and many other useful functions.

Can I add the ordering service feature to my website?

Yes, you can. Boxmode construction website builder provides a contact form for users who are selling services and products online.