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The Best Education Website Templates for Your Business

Whether you’re building a brand-new website or looking to elevate your current one, finding high-quality, professional education website templates can feel like a challenge. With Boxmode, you’ll benefit from choosing from a wide variety of beautiful templates that are simple to implement.

Professional Education Website Templates for Your Institution

Every niche is unique. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to businesses, so there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all template to promote them. Boxmode is one of the leading website builders on the market, celebrated for its numerous ready-made designs. With four education website themes available, it may be hard to choose just one.

Benefits of Free Education Website Templates

Building a website using a premade template has many benefits. When it comes to website builders, Boxmode is known for its highly attractive layouts and practical features. Here are five additional benefits to creating your website with this kind of platform.

  1. Templates are fully customizable.

    Whether you choose to use the free plan or upgrade to the value-packed paid plan, every ready-to-use template is fully customizable. You can add/remove elements, change the colors to match your branding, and infuse high-resolution images based on your preferences. Even more custom features are included in the upgraded plan.

  2. They are simple to implement.

    Within minutes of signing up for Boxmode, you’ll have access to incredible teaching website templates. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to start your project. Setting up your site using one of the school website templates has never been easier.

  3. No technical knowledge of HTML is required.

    Even if you have an existing domain you’re looking to connect, Boxmode’s templates are super intuitive. For example, drag and drop features eliminate any need to rearrange back-end code. Need an e-commerce platform? Add e-commerce functionality with the built-in PayPal solution. Building a first-class site that will knock your competitors off their chairs requires zero technical skills. No money is required to register or set up your account.

  4. It includes built-in SEO tools.

    When building a website, you should be following SEO tactics. They are crucial to ranking in search engines. Boxmode makes this easy for you with advanced SEO tools like meta tags editing and a visibility trigger. Plus, all education website themes automatically adjusted to become mobile-friendly.

  5. They are designed with education in mind.

    Templates specific to the educational niche were created with the needs of students, faculty, and schools in mind. Boxmode is one of the only platforms where you can find the perfect college website templates and high school website templates.

Academic Website Templates

Look no further than Boxmode for the best education website templates. Use one of these four templates, and you’ll establish a unique online presence for your organization.


The schooling template is an educator’s favorite. This educational website template is designed to showcase a professional, high-quality brand while being easy to navigate. It has a very classic feel and includes spaces for bold, bright images.


The education theme is ideal for higher education institutions. It can easily be customized to include your school emblem and match its distinct colors. One of the best features is its course list, which can help sell potential students on why they should register for your top classes.

Business Learning

If you have a brand targeting the business learning market, this ready-made template is a great solution. Easily share your programs, sell courses, and build relationships with potential clients.


Boxmode even has educational web templates that help intuitively outline every benefit of your children’s program. Infuse testimonials and include professional headshots of your staff. Showcase the ways your content will aid in their development.

Have you been searching for the best education website templates? You’ll find them here at Boxmode.