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Build sites with Boxmode, a new website-building platform, and get more happy clients.

Take one of Boxmode’s flexible templates to give your client an out-of-the-box solution.

Or start with a blank canvas to bring your client’s vision to life from scratch.
Check out our selection of fully customizable and mobile-responsive templates, and then choose the one that will lead you to success!
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Boxmode has everything you need

In addition to the free * domain and hosting service, we offer customizable widgets and tools to maximize your site performance
Icon Free domain mapping

Free domain mapping

Browse the collection of industry-specific templates and pick the one that matches your specific needs.
Icon Customizable widgets

Customizable widgets

Use widgets as building blocks! Simply drop a bunch of them on the canvas to get a fully-featured website in no time.
Icon Unsplash


Unsplash, an integrated famous stock photo platform with more than 2 million free high-resolution images for building a brilliant website.
Icon Project autosave

Project autosave

Experiment with your website design all you want without worrying about losing the progress. All your changes are automatically saved.
Icon SSL-certified and GDPR-compliant websites

SSL-certified and GDPR-compliant websites

SSL-certified and GDPR-compliant websites that regularly update to guarantee the highest-grade security for our clients.
Icon SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization for indexing your website correctly by search engines.

Start your own website that fits your needs and skills

Illustration step 1
1. Create a free account on
Illustration step 2
2. Choose a niche template that resonates with you.
Illustration step 3
3. Insert your content and customize the template with an intuitive drag and drop editor.
Illustration step 4
4. Choose a free domain name (*, connect your existing domain for free, or buy a custom domain name directly from Boxmode.
Illustration step 5
5. Publish the site in one click!

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