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Start small — continue on a massive scale!

Make your small business website a launchpad for startling endeavors

Do you need to create a digital platform with a professional design for your small business? All you need to do is to select one among more than 70 appealing templates.

The Boxmode templates are:

  • Diversified
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Intuitively designed
  • SEO-optimized

Every template has a touch of style and can have a powerful impact on your audience by creating a positive image of your site.

The equipment for creating a full-fledged website

Have you ever wondered what features an easy website builder for your small business should have? Here’s the list of the most effective tools of the Boxmode free website builder for small businesses:


Drag and drop editor

You need no developers on your payroll — create your website by dragging and dropping the elements to the canvas.


Easy-to-use widgets

Make your website functional with the Boxmode widgets - the Navigation Menu, Slideshow, Form, Header, Footer, Maps, Gallery, etc.


SEO settings

Optimize your website for search engines and increase its ranking hands down with the Boxmode small business website builder.


Image library

Be visually different — make the look and feel of your business site shining by inserting enough beautiful imagery from Unsplash, a free stock photo platform.


Analytics tools

Connect Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, or Facebook Pixel to keep your finger on the pulse of your small business website performance.


domain options

Browse the collection of industry-specific templates and pick the one that matches your specific needs.

Use these features of the Boxmode website builder for small businesses to create projects with big aspirations.

Looking for a no-coding business website builder?

So, you own a small business: a store, a repairing shop, a barbershop, a saloon, and so on. But you rightly feel a physical outlet isn’t enough — you are lagging behind the competition. The digital age breathes down your neck. 

What does your project need a website for? Having a future-proof online presence opens doors to new opportunities, a larger clientele, and a faster ecommerce experience for your customers. 

If you are a small business owner, a website can give you more understanding and control over your audience, more flexibility in operations, as well as a more professional image. As a result, you can impress your customers and boost your service or product sales. So here comes the moment when you start looking for a free website builder for business. 

If your company is on a tight budget, you cannot afford to hire a high-salaried professional designer or web developer. It goes without saying you have skill and time constraints too. Your one-size-fits-all solution is a no-coding free business website builder, like Boxmode. 

How to create a simple business website with the Boxmode business website builder?

These are five simple steps for creating a simple website in next to no time:

1. Sign in to Boxmode and create your account.

2. Go through multiple pre-designed templates and choose the one you like most (or create a website with your design using a blank theme).

3. Customize page elements and add content to them.

4. Set general and SEO adjustments.

5. Publish your website.

Get the benefits of the Boxmode online business website builder

Are you looking for the best website builder for your small business, with rich functionality and affordable prices? And are you not sure if it’s possible to get a feature-rich business website builder free of charge? You can be calm about the matter as it is possible to find online freedom and digital inspiration in the Boxmode small business website builder. Its creators paid heed to all factors vital for small business owners: affordability, ease of use, search engine friendliness, and more:

  • User-friendly interface. Just open the dashboard, where you can find all essential elements, settings, and helpful tooltips with no sweat.
  • Codeless development. It’s inherent in our corporate philosophy that any non-tech savvy person can build a website with no hassle.
  • Scalability. The Boxmode website builder for small businesses offers a full-scale website building, be it a simple online shop or a multi-page platform.
  • 24/7/365 support. If you have any tech queries, our top-notch customer care team will gladly help you via tickets (for free plans) or a live chat (for paid subscribers).


  • How much does the Boxmode website builder for business cost?

Boxmode offers Starter, an entirely free pricing plan, along with Lite and Growth paid pricing plans (more details on our pricing page).

  • How much does it cost to buy a unique domain name from Boxmode?

The cost varies from $14 to $60, depending on the domain extension.

  • What domain can I use for my small business project?

Boxmode provides more than 30 domain extensions, including .com, .net, .cc, .club, .org, and more, are at your disposal.

  • Are the Boxmode domains secure?

Yes, they have built-in SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy records. You can rest assured that personal information protection on your website is superb.

Unleash the potential of Boxmode,the easiest website builder for small businesses

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