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With the Boxmode ecommerce website builder, you can create a platform  to sell products online in the best way. 

Pre-designed templates, a wide range of useful features, quality support – Boxmode has all you need to boost your online presence. 

Grab your target audience’s attention with one of our stylish templates

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Why Boxmode is the best ecommerce website builder for beginners


Online store feature

Show your products, add categories, customize product pages, and manage your store directly in the editor.


Drag and drop editor

Add necessary elements to the pages by dragging them to the canvas and arranging them as you like.


Customizable widgets

Use various widgets, such as Navigation Menu, Footer, Header, and many others, to extend your website’s functionality.


SEO settings

Enhance your ecommerce platform’s visibility in search engines by optimizing it with your project and on-page SEO settings.


Domain management

Create a free Boxmode domain name, connect your existing one, or get a unique domain with one of the 30+ extensions.


Responsive mode

Ensure your online store looks excellent on any screen, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, before publishing it.

Why do you need an ecommerce website?

Modern-day consumers prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes. So the ecommerce industry is growing. More and more brick-and-mortar stores go online to attract a wider audience. 

Are you deciding between selling your products on a marketplace or on your own ecommerce website? Let’s look at the benefits you can get from creating a website. If you want to play the long game, establish your brand, and grow your ecommerce business, a website is a must. 

One of the biggest advantages of having your own online store site is designing a platform according to your preferences and making it user-friendly. Categorize products, add attractive photos and descriptions, and set payment methods. Having access to the site’s settings, you can update content when it’s necessary. Moreover, customers can access your website 24/7 and purchase products at any convenient time for them.

Also, you can make your website a place where you present your brand’s story, mission, and vision. Add a contact form to be in touch with your customers: they can leave their feedback, ask questions, and send their suggestions. Also, it’s a good practice to insert a field where visitors can subscribe to your company’s email newsletter. Sharing useful content related to your products on a blog page is also a great idea. This can increase your site’s position in search results. 

With a beautiful, intuitive website, you can build trust with your clients. Provide your audience with news, sales deals, and other valuable information on your site and increase your brand’s popularity. 

How to create a simple site for a small business with the Boxmode website builder for ecommerce?

Follow these steps:

1. Create your Boxmode account. 

2. Check out all the available templates and pick the most suitable one. You can also use a blank template if you want to build your website from scratch.

3. Set the pages’ layout, add content blocks, and customize the content in them.

4. Set the project’s general and SEO adjustments. 

5. Choose a domain name and launch your ecommerce website.

Benefits of the Boxmode ecommerce website builder

  • Easy to use. You don’t need to have any coding experience to start your ecommerce project with Boxmode. Our website builder with ecommerce functionality has an intuitive interface that allows you to find needed settings and options quickly.
  • Speedy. With Boxmode, you can get a ready ecommerce website in just a couple of hours. Using a drag and drop editor and following our detailed tutorials, you can start selling your products today!
  • Scalable. Whether you need a simple online shop or a multi-page platform – both options are available with the Boxmode free ecommerce website builder.
  • 24/7 support. If you have any Boxmode-related questions, our professional customer care team will gladly help you.


  • How much does Boxmode cost?

We advise you to start with our free Starter plan that allows you to create a simple website completely free of charge. Then, when you are ready, you are welcome to upgrade your membership to our Lite or Growth plans to access the extended toolsets.

  • Can I add my custom logo to the website?

Yes, you can change a logo in the website’s settings.

  • How much does it cost to buy a unique domain name from Boxmode?
    The cost varies from $14 to $60, depending on the domain extension.
  • Which templates are best for my ecommerce website?

You can use shopping templates or any other attractive, well-designed themes offered by the Boxmode fashion website builder.